Cinder Block Wall Construction

It is no news that cinder block walls are very reliable barrier support of boundaries for residential neighborhoods. As a residential developer, you can also use cinder blocks to secure a piece of land. But before you hire any masonry contractor, beware that to successfully construct structural or non-structural walls with cinder block requires careful planning and masonry techniques.

What We Do

All Valley Masonry helps homeowners, architects, and residential developers to construct different patterns of walls with cinder blocks. We are quite aware that the building codes for construction requirements varies in each community. So, we ensure that we provide a solid footing based on the size of blocks you want us to install for you. Our team of professionals are also very proficient in marking the layout of the site, digging the area of the wall below the frost line and ensuring no overlaps are between the blocks.

In addition to our services, we build the cinder block from scratch as well as using quality mortar for the installation. We also ensure that all our staff wear waterproof gloves and eye protective glass to minimize the risks of hazards during cinder block installation. What’s more, our block installation is very neat as we ensure that we smoothen the fresh joints and remove excess mortar binding the blocks.

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