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Brick & Stone Paver Installation for Patios, Walkways, Driveways, & Decks

Paver Ideas

Stone walkway in backyard
Block Wall with Metal Accent
Stone Walkway

Brick and Stone Paver Patio, Deck, Driveway & Walkway Installs

The entrance of your home tells a lot about who you are. And which paver walkway you choose matters a lot too, especially if you are concerned about durability, aesthetics, and cost effectiveness. We think one of the best ways to add a decorative dimension to your walkway is use is to install either brick or stone pavers. Stone pavers, for instance, are incredibly strong and resistant to weather changes because they are made of limestone, granite, marble, slate, flagstone, or bluestone. Like stone pavers, brick pavers come in different colors, shapes and patterns. And with the right techniques, rest assured that there will be no cracks or crocked surfaces if you use any of these pavers for your walkways.

What We Do

All Valley Masonry offers different patterns of brick and stone walkway installation for homeowners. Whether you want the walkway to be straight, curved, L-shaped or just mention the pattern you want, our team of professional masons will do it for you. We also install different shapes of paver walkways, including concourse square, half course, cobblestone, marquise, turf block, and holland stone pavers.

If you already have an old walkway, we help you remove it and install a better paver walkway that can withstand any harsh weather conditions and heavy use. And if you don’t have any one before, we can install your preferred block and stone paver walkway from scratch. Our unique installation techniques ensure that your preferred pavers complement the landscape and that they are properly interlocked.

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