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Live Life Outdoors with a custom brick or stone outdoor kitchen, BBQ Pit or Eating Area

Outdoor Kitchen on Stone Wall
Outdoor Stone Kitchen
Outdoor Sink in Modern Stone Kitchen

Brick & Stone Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Installing a brick and stone kitchen for your garden or backyard is a great way to make your outdoor look cozier. Have you ever thought about installing one for your home before? With an outdoor kitchen, you can entertain your guests with your favorite barbeque and avoid any excessive heat in your living room. Not only that, it is a great gathering place to have dinner with your family.

Why Brick and Block Outdoor Kitchen?

Since you would want your kitchen to last longer and stand the test of time, we think a perfect outdoor kitchen should be designed with brick and stone. These materials are made up of different refractory materials, and they won’t crack under intense heat from your oven. Another benefit of installing this outdoor kitchen is that it adds a natural touch to your landscape and gives your home a rustic feel.

Our Installation Services

All Valley Masonry is what you need if you need an impressive outdoor stone or brick kitchen. We ensure that your oven, deep fryer, fridge, grill set, gas units, or stone top are well-ventilated and properly installed. We also use the best blocks and bricks, which won’t crack, to make your outdoor kitchen look like a grill island. What’s more, we can build the outdoor kitchen on your pavement or patio to save costs. And if you want don’t have any of these, we can do the installation from scratch for you. Most importantly, we place maximum priority in considering your safety and meeting your outdoor kitchen needs.

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