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With a Stone Fire Pit You will Enjoy the Crisp, Refreshing Night Air While Lounging with Loved Ones in Your Backyard

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Brick & Stone Fire Pit Installation

You are on the right page if you are thinking about how to install brick and block fire pit in your backyard. We understand that one of your top concerns is getting a quality brick and stone fire pit for your outdoor space at an affordable price. We are also aware that you may not know enough about how the fire pit installation process works. Not to worry. Whether you want a brick fire pit or a one that is made with stone or both, we will do the installation for you. And if you want the fire pit to be combined with landscape pavers or natural fieldstone, we’ve got you covered.

Why hire us for brick and stone fire pit installation?

Outdoor fire pit is a great gathering space during the cold weather. And below are some of the services you will get if you hire us today.

  • We help you find the right spot for your fire pit:

    At All Valley Masonry, we are very much concerned about your safety. As a result, before installing your fire pit, we help you find the right spot that does not affect your utility lines. We also ensure that we choose a fire pit location that is very far from hanging trees or any inflammable substances.

  • We use the best materials for your fire pit:

    Believe it or not, there are many fake fire pit materials out there. These materials are very cheap and they don’t last longer. But at All Valley Masonry, we use firebricks, a refractory material that can withstand high temperature, to ensure that your fire pit does not crack under intense heat. We also use quality masonry materials like face brick and fire-proof mortar to line the outside of your fire pit walls. We have to admit that many of these good materials don’t come cheap, but we will install the brick and block fire pit for you at a reasonable price.

  • We help you find the right fire pit design for your landscape:

    We believe that all homeowners, including you, have a unique landscape. So, if you want a brick and block fire place that create a natural gathering place for your family and friends, All Valley Masonry is what you need. We provide you with many options and colors for your fire pit without compromising quality.

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