We use brick block and stone to turn houses into dream homes.

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Increase your property’s curbside appeal and real estate value with assistance from an expert brick and stone masonry contractor in Fresno. We offer a wide selection of brick, block, and stone products for various practical and aesthetic purposes. When you choose Brick Block & Stone Masonry, you can expect no less than impressive craftsmanship and dependable customer service.

Accentuate Outdoor and Indoor Spaces

Allow us to craft decorative and functional exterior features to your residential and commercial property. Patios, planters, garden steps, walkways, driveways, and exterior siding all contribute in creating beautiful, outdoor spaces where residents and guests can gather happily together. Our masonry wall finishes can enhance the look of interior rooms, too. They make for a warm, cozy, even romantic atmosphere that many of us enjoy. Think of brick fireplaces in living rooms and stone walls in kitchens and living areas. These are classic touches that rarely go out of style.

What We Do As Masonry Contractors

Skilled masons are the craftsmen to turn to for home enhancement and construction projects that use natural rock, stone blocks, brick, concrete, and other durable materials that are environment-friendly and weather-resilient. Masons do laborious, customized work, which means anything they make is one-of-a-kind. Quality and Specialized Work by Brick Block & Stone Masonry At Brick Block and Stone Masonry, we design, customize, and install hard-surface features for homes, developments, and commercial properties. We take pride in our skilled masons whose expert craftsmanship never fails to impress. If you want a natural, rustic home or achieve an old-century design for your property, we are the masonry contractor in Fresno who can do the job. Visit us our office or email us at [email protected] If your property is in Fresno anywhere nearby, you’ll want to work with an experienced, local masonry contractor you can trust. Contact us for a quote or proposal request.

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Home Upgrades
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Outdoor Living
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Residential developments: walkways and driveways, siding, stucco, block walls and more… Click Here!
Brick commerical building
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